A fresh approach to food to get you cooking in the Pink!


Welcome to The Pink Cook, an exciting place to build your confidence in the kitchen. Whether you’re new to cooking or an experienced cook wanting to learn a new skill, The Pink Cook has something for everyone.

About The Pink Cook

We keep our classes small to ensure you will get the most out of your experience. Spend some time cooking, or on a food tour with The Pink Cook and learn the secrets to enjoying time in your kitchen.

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The Pink Cook brings the world to your plate and challenges you to think about where it’s come from to get there.

Kate Smith, The Pink Cook, opened the doors of her new Pink Kitchen in late March 2015, after several years of traveling, eating, cooking and learning about different cuisines. Kate has taken groups on food tours through the streets and markets of China, the souks of Morocco, market places and kitchens of Spain and Italy and the hidden laneways and places tourists don’t visit in Paris, Hong Kong and London.

Kate is a great believer that every person has the ability to produce amazing tasty food and celebrates this everyday through her Pink Kitchen in the garden of her home on Sydney’s leafy North Shore and various foodie tours. You’re invited to come and share her love of food and where it comes from too.

“Kate’s cooking lessons aren’t merely teaching you to cook one meal. They’re honest, effective, concise, applicable to other foods and most importantly, her methods stay with you permanently.” Thomas

“My taste buds have been awakened by Kate’s passion and enthusiasm for international cuisine – she is methodical about her preparation for culinary adventures which makes it so easy for participants to take full advantage of every experience – travel, hands on cooking and most importantly eating!” Jacqueline

“Thanks to Kate our food tour of Morroco was fantastic. Her knowledge together with her bubbly personally made for an informative fun adventure.” Kristen

“Kate Smith is a complete natural when it comes to the kitchen/cooking class experience. She’s confident in both the preparation process and then in the delivery of sit-up-and-take-notice cooking…as well as the social experience that goes with it.” Sean