Yesterday I had two tasks; do some writing and sort through a few more of the many boxes that we sent to storage. The first as you can see I am doing and I have been working on a few posts about flavour profiles and also eating seafood, neither is quite ready for you yet! And the boxes?

In 2008 I put a large amount of craft supplies and most of our belongings into storage for what we planned would be two years in Hong Kong. It’s six months since everything (960 plus items in total) were returned and I still have a dining room full of boxes to go through, we honestly don’t need any of the things, however I just can’t put them all in a skip – so I have been sorting and donating to many different charities and occasionally finding a treasure we had forgotten about.

And that is where I get distracted. Today I have been sorting through boxes of books. And I came across two folders my Dad had created one summer for the girls. It’s full of the food they were cooking with their Grandma on a two week visit, minus parents. Homemade custard, brownies, spaghetti bolognaise, meatballs with a blue cheese sauce and one for Charlotte’s Banana Bread. The girls had a great summer and my parents enjoyed having the girls all to themselves, even if they needed a holiday at the end of the two weeks. They still have a sign on the kitchen door that says “Genevieve’s Kitchen – Keep Out”; this was from the night (most probably the entire day) she cooked dinner by herself at the age of 9 – not even going to think about the mess!

Charlotte loves banana bread and one of the things she did to fill in the 12 weeks she was waiting to start the new school year when we moved to HK was to create her own recipe (yes; this is my idea of home schooling – science, maths, research and following a procedure ). In the process the original recipe from Nana was forgotten and we have had many variations along the way. I thought it would be nice to see if the original was as good as the memories of cooking with Nana.

It seems it is.

As I sit down again this morning, vowing not to get distracted today, half of it has been eaten or taken to school already. I may just have to make another.

Get Charlotte’s Banana Bread recipe.