I fell in love with France when Nik and I visited as backpackers more than 20 years ago. We camped in small villages, enjoyed the plate de jour for lunch, and supped on simple fare with a bottle of wine for dinner. To say my French is not very good is an understatement, so I searched high and low for a real French cookbook but written in English. It’s recipes are still very much great examples of classic French bistro food. Bistro Cooking was amongst the first in my collection of books about cuisines from around the world.

So many of our families favourites have come from this book. We love the Mousse au Chocolate recipe so much (the pages are smeared with little chocolate fingerprints) we sort out the Ambassade d’Auvergne Resturant that it came from when we returned to Paris, it too is now a family favourite. 

I have since come to learn that Patricia Wells is an authority on French food. She writes a monthly blog and runs cooking classes in Paris and Provence along with other projects.

Bistro Cooking is one of eleven books Patricia Wells has written and even through it was first written in 1990 I’m very pleased to say you can still buy it through your favourite cookbook seller or online.