Continuing our culinary journey through the eyes of others here is Tim Hand’s light hearted look back at 60’s food. Fortunately, for his family, Tim’s tastes have moved with the times. My lack of culinary skill can be clearly sheeted home to my mother. Don’t get me wrong she was a good cook; a good […]

I fell in love with France when Nik and I visited as backpackers more than 20 years ago. We camped in small villages, enjoyed the plate de jour for lunch, and supped on simple fare with a bottle of wine for dinner. To say my French is not very good is an understatement, so I […]

I spent the day in Cabramatta yesterday; it’s the first time I have managed to get there this year, getting my cooking school ready to go has kept me busy and ‘off the streets’ as my mother would say.

Yesterday I had two tasks; do some writing and sort through a few more of the many boxes that we sent to storage. The first as you can see I am doing and I have been working on a few posts about flavour profiles and also eating seafood, neither is quite ready for you yet! And the boxes?